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COVID Protocols

To play our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and keep our players and team members as safe as possible we have put together the following protocols. We have all become very accustomed to the precautions the pandemic has brought into our daily lives, but please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the details below before playing in All Nations leagues. 

Netball safety

We have put in place numerous COVID risk mitigations detailed below (in addition to those at Westwoods Health Club), which must be adhered to by anyone participating in any way in an All Nations League.

  • Our COVID-19 Officer is Kay Farquhar, and the league restart has been risk assessed. If you would like to see a copy of the Risk Assessment or Risk Mitigation Plan, please contact us.


  • If any changes to fixtures need to be made, these will be communicated to captains with as much notice as possible. Due to the ever changing situation of COVID, there may need to be some changes to scheduled games.


  • It will take a big effort from all participants, players, umpires and management in order to ensure we can continue to play safely. We thank you in advance for your help and cooperation with these new measures.


Before Playing

  • All players and umpires should understand the risk involved in participating in netball activity. Although all steps have been taken to ensure the safety of all involved, participants attend at their own risk.

  • Captains must ask players to “opt in” to the new season and be aware that some people may still not feel comfortable to play.

  • Prior to each game (before players make their way to the courts), captains must check that no one in the team is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. 

  • Umpires must inform Kay / Stella immediately if they are experiencing any symptoms.

  • If any player or umpire is experiencing symptoms, they must not attend the game and should follow government guidance on self-isolating.

  • In addition, if anyone has COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive for COVID-19 or has come into contact with anyone who has tested positive, please let Kay / Tessa know ASAP.

  • If you have previously contracted COVID-19, take your doctor’s advice to ensure you are properly recovered and well enough to participate.

  • Captains are responsible for keeping a record of who is playing in games for Track and Trace purposes. If you have a fill-in, make sure you make a note of their name and the date they played for your team.

On Arrival


  • All players and umpires must follow Government Guidance in terms of travel to the courts.

  • Please arrive ready to play, 5 minutes before your game starts.

  • There will be a one-way system in place at the courts.

  • You will need to wait until the previous game has been completed before entering the courts to maintain social distancing, and walkways must be kept clear at all times.

  • Everyone must ensure any personal possessions such as water bottles are clearly labelled or identifiable.

  • All players and umpires must bring their own sanitiser and sanitise their hands prior to the start of the game, during breaks, and afterwards.

  • Teams must supply their own bibs and wash between games. We suggest buying two sets of bibs as they cannot be shared between players.

  • Balls and posts will be sanitised prior to the first game of the evening and sanitised throughout.

  • Wear a mask / face covering until ready to take to the court.

Start of Game


  • Umpires will ask captains to confirm if the team has any fill-ins playing in the game.

  • Nail checks will take place from 2m distance, and the coin toss will also take place from 2m distance and players should remain socially distanced for any pre-match team talk.

  • There should be no pre-match huddle or 'hands in'.

During Play


  • In between halves all players must return to their bench and sanitise their hands while the ball is sanitised.

  • The following are not permitted under Scotland Netball Guidelines: hand shakes, fist pumps, high fives etc. 

  • Water bottles and whistles should not be shared.

  • If the ball rolls onto another court, those teams should kick the ball back to the court it belongs to. If a player from another court touches the ball it needs to be sanitised. 


After Game


  • Post-match hug circles or handshakes are not permitted at the end of the game. Players should ensure social distancing is maintained at all times after the final whistle.

  • Umpires will remain socially distanced from all players when noting down Player of the Match.

  • Captains are not required to sign the scorecard, they should verbally confirm with the umpires that they acknowledge the final score.



  • Management, players and umpires are all responsible for following and enforcing the new protocols and rule modifications. Please support and remind your teammates and fellow participants throughout the evening.

  • If any players are found to be in breach of these guidelines, they will be given a verbal warning and reminder to adhere to the protocols. Any persistent or serious breach in these protocols may result in players or teams being asked to leave the league as per the Code of Conduct.

  • In the event that games cannot be played due to a local lockdown or other restrictions, the season will be suspended for a maximum of four weeks. If the restrictions last longer than four weeks, the season will be shortened. Any weeks that are not able to be played will be refunded to teams.

  • In the event of a positive case confirmed within the team, All Nations Netball reserves the right to suspend play for any affected players for the following week. If you have any questions about this process please contact us. 

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